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When I was in high school, I took a web design class and told myself I'd never touch that boring HTML or CSS ever again. And look where we are now.

At the urging of my parents, I applied to colleges for STEM. But nearly two years into a Physics degree, I decided to switch my major. I am now pursuing a Graphic Communication degree (with minors in Computer Science and French) from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA.

I have been taking photography seriously since 2017 and since 2018, visual design as a whole (to include UX design). Professionally, I have shot multi-regional events, weddings, and senior portraits. Serving as the interface and experience designer, my team went 3 for 3 as first place in university-level hackathons in 2018.

How did I build this website?

This website is hand-coded entirely from scratch. I initially wireframed the essential pages in Adobe XD, starting from mobile-size scaling up. In late 2018, I began to code it into existence; however, along the way, I realized adjustments needed to be made. At a certain point, I stopped refining my wireframes and opted to morph my vision as the site took its form.

Microsoft's Visual Studio Code is my editor of choice for this project, because it provides smart suggestions for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Plug-ins are easily added in to support other functionalities; I see VSC only growing larger and more robust.

If you're interested in all the code and past iterations of this site, feel free to visit the GitHub project page. Just keep in mind that use of my imzages requires prior permission.

I have aimed to make this website fully ADA Compliant and with the user in mind at every step. If you find any issues with anything on this site, please contact me so I can resolve the issue for everyone!